Thursday, April 12, 2012


These are powers that recharge the soul. As the soul comes into action it experiences the practical form of these powers.

1. The Power To Pack Up

In a second I can pack up all wasteful thinking, so the soul becomes light and free of burdens and worries.

2. The Power To Tolerate

Irritation and annoyance disappear, and nothing disturbs my light frame of mind. The fragrance of this power is attractive to all.

3. The Power to Accommodate

Like the ocean that merges all that flows into it, I merge all that happens; so past is past, and the future seems clear and bright.

4. The Power of Judgement

I can accurately assess any situation with clarity and confidence.

5. The Power to Discriminate

Like  the trained eye of a jeweller who discriminates the real from the  imitation, I can discriminate what is true and what is false.

6. The Power to Face

Nothing seems like an obstacle, but rather a stepping stone to victory. To lack this power means to be dominated by external dramas.

7. The Power to Cooperate

I do not feel like I am competing against anyone, but rather I am helping all. Here, the surrender of ego is needed.

8. The Power to Withdraw

I can withdraw from the organs of the body, and become the seed; detached, and the observer of this drama of life. Contentment comes.

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