Sunday, April 15, 2012

THE 13th DAY

This film "THE 13TH DAY" deals with Eternity of Life and Power of Human Will. Sumit, a handsome 35 year old man living a happy life with his beautiful wife Shalini, five year old daughter Shweta and aged mother. As a software engineer he toils day and night to realize his large vision for the family. Another side Manish, a close friend of Sumit is a bundle of problems and worries because of not having a child and his sister Mansi, who had E.S.P. (Extra Sensory Power) is fed up with it. Mansi's Psychotherapist treats her as a schizophrenic. But, Mansi alone aware that what is happening with her in reality, i.e., she can see and hear bodiless wandering souls.

One usual day, Sumit experiences problem in communicating with others. Flashback reveals that he had succumbed to death by a fatal car accident. What happens to his soul after death? What his soul experiences after death? And how his soul fulfills the commitments and duties towards his family before taking rebirth? Now, Mansi is the only solution to all these questions by seeing and hearing him. Rest of the film till climax gives you a feel of out of body experiences with lots of powerful visual effects blended with extreme human emotions and godly experiences after death. In the climax, the 13th day after Sumit's death, reveals the eternity of life and power of one's will. Sumit's soul takes rebirth as a female child in Manish's family and reunites with his previous birth family. Meantime Mansi overcomes her problem through practice of Rajyoga Meditation and start leading normal happy life.

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